Precious Metals

Trade on Gold and Silver with high liquidity and low transaction costs.

The Precious Metals Market

An alternative to traditional precious metals trading is to use CFDs to gain leveraged exposure to precious metals. For instance, a gold CFD is a theoretical order to buy or sell a certain amount of gold, and the profit or loss on the CFD is determined by the change in price of the gold. As it is a derivative, you never have to deal with taking ownership of the metal, but you can enjoy all the profits as if you had. The other advantage is that it costs you a fraction of the amount you would need to buy the gold.

Gold CFDs are amongst the most commonly traded and hence one of the most liquid commodities you can trade and the advantage of this is that the spread is tighter and you should be able to enter and exit positions easily irrespective of the trade size. Do keep in mind that gold is a very volatile market and daily trading ranges of $40 (i.e. equivalent to 400-point moves) are common in a trading day.

Symbol Description Details
XAUUSD Gold See Detail
XAGUSD Silver See Detail
XAGUSDmin Silver(mini) See Detail
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Please note BCR reserves the right to widen or tighten spreads at its own discretion, in response to market conditions and market risk.

Total Equity must be greater than or equal to required Maintenance Margin at all times, which is 100% of initial Margin requirements for all open positions.

Margin Requirements are subject to change without notice.

BCR is able to maintain these low margin requirements by enabling automatic liquidation of positions once a "Margin Call" has been reached. This policy provides for the protections of client account balances in the event of rapid price movements. Please review BCR's Product Disclosure Statement for more information.