What are Cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies (Cryptos) are virtual currencies that typically use a decentralised network and allow secure financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies operate independently of banks and governments, but can still be exchanged – or speculated on – just like any physical currency. BCR allows you to trade Crypto CFDs by speculating on their price movements, without actually owning the cryptocurrencies. While there’s a huge number of cryptocurrencies available, we offer CFD trading on a few of the most popular: Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Symbol Description Details
Bitcoin Bitcoin See Detail
Ethereum Ethereum See Detail
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Please note BCR reserves the right to widen or tighten spreads at its own discretion, in response to market conditions and market risk.

Total Equity must be greater than or equal to required Maintenance Margin at all times, which is 100% of initial Margin requirements for all open positions.

Margin Requirements are subject to change without notice.

BCR is able to maintain these low margin requirements by enabling automatic liquidation of positions once a "Margin Call" has been reached. This policy provides for the protections of client account balances in the event of rapid price movements. Please review BCR's Product Disclosure Statement for more information.